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Third Reich
This is our specialty! Be sure to see the several links below for various categories. We are continually adding items here, so we recommend that you check these pages often. We are actively buying items like this for resale. We also consider trades for quality relics. Call or write us. Best time: 10am - 12 noon and 9-11 PM eastern time.


Popular collectables in 1935; and popular now!

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1936 Olympics and Sports

SS Daggers & Swords

Rare Items Signed by Hitler


Third Reich Music

Art of and by Adolf Hitler


Third Reich Art and Architecture

Rudolf Hess


Stickpins & Lapel Pins

Heinrich Himmler

SS Führerschule Castle Wewelsburg

N.S. Veterans

SS and N.S. Tapestries

Adolf Hitler

N.S. Toys

SS Allach Porcelain

Dr. Joseph Goebbels

Sturmabteilung (SA)


SA Daggers

National Socialist Songbooks

German Military Songbooks

Personality Items


German-American Bund


N.S. Police

Pokale, Goblets, and Chalices

Wehrmacht (Das Heeres)

NSDAP (Nazi Party)

KZ Camps and Kaserne


Hitler Youth


NS Government Officials & Diplomatic Corps

Art Executed by a German Master


Axis Powers

Winter Help Work

Fascist Italy

Hunting & Shooting

RAD & DAF (Labor)

The Netherlands (Third Reich Holland)

General National Socialist Subjects

Photo Albums

Re-created Museum Items


Fabulous Replica of SS-Totenkopf Death's Head Ring
This is the ONLY replica ring that Germania handles and we do so by the popular demand of so many collectors out there who just feel they MUST have one, and the BEST one ever offered. All the other rings offered by Germania are 100-percent original and are period pieces.


Old Germany flag

Otto Skorzeny (Madrid, 1972)

War Flag




Also, see Siegfried's Recreations on the following topics:
Elegant Prussian and Russian Pendants
SS Death's Head Honor Ring
Third Reich Tapestries
Miniature Daggers
Siegfried's Posters
SS Art Portfolios
Art Renditions
Flagpole Tops
Wall Eagles
Cuff Titles

These are not part of Germania International, LLC offerings.


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