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Third Reich Tapestry

Welcome to the Third Reich section of Germania International. This area is actually our specialty, but please understand that we do not solicit the business of neos of any kind--brown or red.

We offer our carefully researched items of prodigious historical interest to legitimate collectors and museums. Regardless of one’s historical and emotional perspective the N.S. Reich period was a time that many of us lived through and it certainly was a special era in many ways, and there is a fervent demand for such collectibles throughout the world because these relics are enthusiastically sought after, even in Russia. This might be considered almost unbelievable considering the vicious ferocity of the late war, but it’s very true, nonetheless!

We have traveled extensively to obtain many of these treasured articles that in many cases have never been offered by any of the other websites. WHY? Well, to start with, they, for the most part, do not have any, or hardly any, academic interest in these subjects. We are sorry to say that many of these sites are managed or owned by persons motivated by financial reward as their primary goal. We, however, are quite proud to say that this is quite secondary to us. Rather it is the challenge to our people that motivates them. It is the stimulating and exhilarative quest for the rarest and most elusive relics that satisfies their eager "Jägerlust." I am a historian, and so are all our people at Germania. We are often accused of being revisionists, and that's quite all right, because what is revisionism if not the attempt to bring history to the truth? If, from time to time, we get rather graphic or intense in our descriptions we hope you will excuse it as the stimulation that these Sherlock Holmes-style detection endeavors will often bring out in historical investigative research.

Third Reich Tapestry

Third Reich Tapestry

We do not simply throw a historically important item onto our pages and leave it to the collector to guess at what its significance is. No, this is not us!  We will always try to impart pertinent information to the best of our combined abilities. We will always research that article and share any and all knowledge that might help the customer enjoy each and every potential purchase or, alternatively, even if he/she buys nothing, we are proud to be able to offer our experience and any and all research material to the collecting field through our listings. This is not to say, of course, that we are a public information service; however, one of our offered services is evaluation and personal information service to the public; but it is a service and we do offer and sell such services. This is part of what we do--"…the laborer is worthy of his wages." (Luke 10:7).

Bringing these wonderful relics of the past to you is not only our goal, but also our dedicated mission, and we try our best to make these rarities at least somewhat affordable at the same time.

Our advisors and staff represent an accumulated experience and knowledge far exceeding (by light years) the efforts of most of the so-called competition; and, certainly some of the purported talking heads on the forums are of no serious consideration or concern, either.

Am I bragging? NO! It’s just that I am extremely thankful and wholly appreciative for all the vastly superior help I have had from this group--these, the foremost experts that have ever been assembled and have helped to build this amazing site known and respected throughout the collecting world as the largest and best Germanic and Teutonic website in Der Ganze Welt!

Respectfully submitted:
The editor and staff of Germania International       Enter the Third Reich Section

Third Reich Tapestry

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