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  The following are political posters and prints that were distributed by the NSDAP (Nazi Party) to inspire the German people to greater efforts for Führer, Reich, and Folk. Each item is offered for $30.00 plus $2.00 shipping and handling.

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Hitler Poster.

This is one of the posters most seen throughout Germany. This was from the official state portrait. This is a very stately pose.

Hitler Poster



Hitler Poster.

The official state portrait of the Führer.

Hitler Poster



Copy of Watercolor by Adolf Hitler.

This is Hitler's rendition of the "Hof" of the old royal residence in Munich. This particular Hitler painting is shown in Billy Price's book, Hitler, the Unknown Artist.

Watercolor by Adolf Hitler



Hitler at the Reichparteitag.

This dramatic picture depicts Hitler's presence at the Reichparteitag at Buckberg. It is the first and greatest mass rally of the NSDAP and one of the most important.




SS Oath Ceremony.

The SS Oath ceremony was the traditional swearing in of the SS recruits before the sacred place of the martyrs-the Feldherrenhalle in Munich; a very stirring and dramatic rendition, indeed. The SS ceremony was held beginning at 1201 PM on the eve of November 9th, each year in commemoration of the Putsch.

SS Oath Ceremony



Victory Parade in 1933

This was the torchlight parade of the NSDAP and SA through the old Brandenberg Gate after the announcement that Adolf Hitler had been elected chancellor or Germany. This is a striking and dramatic rendition.

Victory Parade



The Eternal Watch at the Feldherrenhalle.

Here we see Adolf Hitler saluting after the annual wreaths were laid to the memory of those who died there as a result of the failed Putsch in 1923. At all times two SS men and, sometimes, men of other military services, guarded this "Holy of Holies" Nazi shrine. In the foreground of this colorful picture SS man, Jacob Grimminger, who was one of the original participants in 1923, holds the Blutfahne, the "Blood Flag."

Eternal Watch at the Feldherrenhalle



Heroic Study by Arno Brecker.

Breckner and Thorak were the official state artists. This shows the personification of Aryan man struggling against the serpent of Bolshevism and reaction. This is favorite Third Reich artistic creation by one of ht world's greatest sculptors.

Study by Arno Brecker



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