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Siegfried's Promise







I am Siegfried of the Volsung Saga. It is important that no one should ever confuse my museum-grade reproductions with any authentic period items featured on Germania International’s pages. I am not a member of the Germania staff, but I am pleased they consider me a trusted colleague and associate. I do not deal in period relics. My forte is to supply collectors and museum groups with the absolute best in quality re-creations of items inspired by dramatic periods of German history. I sincerely thank Germania for the opportunity to be able to use its pages. My pledge to Germania and to you is that I will never handle poor quality and historically incorrect, pseudo attempts that abound out there in cyber space produced by individuals whose only agenda is the proliferation of this often trashy-looking Dreck and Kitch. So, it is my pledge to you, the collector of museum-quality re-creations, that I will do all that is possible to observe the true Teutonic tradition of excellence. Although “honor rings” are being produced in Poland and in the Balkans, these people have not reached the point of jeweler alchemy that we have managed to produce in our Heydrich ring (they never will, either!); of this I am sure. So I am proud to be approved by Germania International and I sincerely hope you will be pleased with my offerings.
Siegfried Volsang.

So with great pleasure we offer Siegfried's Re-creations.



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