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Siegfried's Elegant Russian and Prussian Pendants


  These are beautiful enough that you would think to see them on Germania, but Germania handles only original items regardless of the simian sounds of the forum morons. I met in Russia last year a man who collects these wonderful stones and he does all the silver mounting by hand. The silver is mostly supplied by a German firm in Halle East Prussia and even some of the stones comes from a firm that he works with there, but he is the one who does all the craftsmanship such as fitting the silver bezels exactly to the shape of each stone. This is close and exacting work, but the result is an elegant pendant worthy of wear to the Tsar’s grand ball in the winter palace or the Kaiserliche review of the Garde du Corps at the Neue Palace in Potsdam. Each piece is individually handmade and I am extremely proud of them. One was bought recently and resold on eBay by a dealer who didn’t bother to say that the piece was newly made, and it brought over $550.00, but in keeping with the policy that I promised to Germania when they allowed me the use of their site position I sell these items for what they are--beautiful art items that rival actual museum pieces. Make no mistake, these are elegant plus.



Russian Imperial Pendant

This is a large Russian imperial pendant with a brown Russian stone mounted in handmade silver bezel with silver Romanov dynasty double-headed eagle in the center. This eagle in the center of the chest has a stone mounted. On the jump ring there is another square stone that looks like amethyst. The piece is 1 1/4 inches wide x 1 5/8 inches tall. It’s stunning for the ladies’ wear.



Russian Imperial Pendant

This is a really elegant pendant with a strange stone that looks like purple, but has a greenish-brown tint as well. The stone is with handmade and fitted silver bezel. Around the edge of the bezel is an additional design of hearts. In the center of the stone is the double-headed eagle coat of arms of the Romanov Russian dynasty with a stone mounted in the eagle’s chest (looks like a tiny ruby). This is beautiful enough for milady to wear to the celebration of 1,000 years of Romanov rule at the St. Petersburg palace; absolutely stunning!



Smaller Russian Imperial Pendant

Here is an elegant pendant mounted with handmade silver bezel with the double-headed Russian Romanov eagle mounted in its center. The stone is dark brown—almost black—with lots of what we call “fire,” or color that almost seems to move as the light hits it. It’s about 3/4 of an inch wide x 1 1/4 inches long. Milady could wear this to the grand celebration of the opening of the hunting lodge in Siberia. It has a ruby-looking stone in the center of the eagle.



Russian Imperial Pendant

This is probably my favorite. It is a beautiful imperial pendant with the double-headed eagle of the Romanov dynasty mounted in its center with a tiny ruby mounted in its chest. The stone is mounted in a hand-fitted silver bezel. The design around the outer edge of the bezel is in a rope design unlike some of the others and even the circle that holds the jump ring is quite artistically good. The stone is a regal royal purple in color with fossil-like fiery flash that changes pattern in different light shifts. It measures 1 1/8 x 1 5/8 inches. This is a must for your lady to wear to the coronation of the tsar.



Russian Imperial Pendant

This pendant bearing the Russian imperial double-headed eagle with one stone in its chest rather has the St. George and the dragon theme. This stone is most unusual in brown quartz of the type found in the Kursk area of Russia. It has a streak of dark-brown coloring running through the light, coffee-colored stone. The bezel is rather plain and we believe that this could indicate that a man could wear this particular piece. It has a masculine look to it; beautiful in its simplicity, yet made to imperial perfection. It’s great for you to wear to the official changing of the guard at the palace of the tsar. It measures 1 x 1 1/2 inches.



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