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German WWII Super-Special Items


Rare “Gauleiter” Edition of Mein Kampf  presented by
Adolf Hitler to NS Leader Alfred Rosenberg: Item AH 28-1

The Grand Tapestry of the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (OKW): Item AH 28-6
Important Guest Book from the Hotel Wittelsbach on August 13, 1934
The Writing Desk Set presented to Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz from his Comrades of the Light Cruiser Emden: Item KRIEG 10-10
Watercolor of Schloss Neuschwanstein by Adolf Hitler With Strong, Official Provenance and Expertise
Watercolor of St. Charles's Church in Vienna by Adolf Hitler With Strong, Official Provenance and Expertise
Allgemeine- Visor Cap (NCO/Enlisted)
Presentation Mein Kampf Owned by Adolf Hitler
Magnificent Silver Luftwaffe Ehrenpokal (Honor Goblet)
Complete Place Setting of Adolf Hitler’s Informal-Pattern Silverware
High Dinner Carving Set Having Belonged to Joachim von Ribbentrop
Knife and Fork Having Belonged to the Dining Service of Ambassador Joachim von Ribbentrop
Japanese Ambassador Oshima's Gift to the Wife of N.S. Gauleiter Lauterbacher
Formal Silver Frame as Presented by Adolf Hitler
Wonderful Mayor’s Chain from the N.S. Era in the City of Leipzig
Honorary Citizenship Bestowed Upon Minister of State Fritz Sauckel
“Der grosse Wandtappich” "The Great Tapestry" as Designed by Karl Diebitsch
Full-Inscription Ernst Röhm SA Presentation Dagger
Incredible Hitler Photo Album
Magnificent Silver Luftwaffe Ehrenpokal (Honor Goblet)
Dinner-Size Flatware from Joachim von Ribbentrop, Hitler’s Minister of Foreign Affairs
Night Fighter Grouping of Ace Rudolf Frank
Fantastic and Original Important Photograph Album
Gift to Successful U-boat Commanders of WWII
Ring that Belonged to Reinhard Heydrich
Incredible and Historically Important Photo Album



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