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Other Great Offerings



Ausstelung Hirschfänger (Exhibition Hunting Knife); Item HUNT 8-10 
Magnificent Sword Attributed to the French Field Marshal Maurice,
Count of Saxony, or His Guards of His Imperial House (Volontaires de Saxe)

Prince Adalbert's Falconry Dagger
Egyptian Cuirass and Helmet from the Bodyguard Regiment
of the Royal Guard to the Khedive of Egypt
Wonderful Mayor’s Chain from the N.S. era in the City of Leipzig Complete Place Setting of Adolf Hitler’s Informal-Pattern Silverware Royal Wittelsbach's Hunting Sword The Fabulous Rings Presented to Professor Paul Ludwig Troost and His Wife, Gerdy Troost Wonderful French Rapier or Dueling Sword Walkurie Bronze and Bone by Claire Jeanne Roberte Colinet, 1880-1950 Set of Six Wonderful Busts of the Hohenzollern Family and two Busts of the
Most Important Personages of the German Imperial Reich
Magnificent Royal Sword Great Variant of the Blue Max (Pour le Mérite) Bronze Crusader Slays a Saracen Warrior Civil War Surrender Announcement Document Fantastic Example of the Pour le Mérite Fantastic Sword of the Elite Prussian Gardes du Corps Watercolor by Adolf Hitler given to the Official Caretaker of the
Berghof as a Belated Wedding Present
Dagger of Frederick the Great, King in Prussia Unique Cravat Set of Special Jewelry for an Imperial Uhlan German Bund Ring Marble Sword Presented to Benito Musollini Kaiser Wilhelm II's Personal Cufflinks by the Royal House Jeweler Sy & Wagner in Original Presentation Case Commemorative Baton to Field Marshal Graf von Blumenthal Italian Fascist MVSN Officer's Dagger with Special Ceremonial Hangers Spectacular Bronze Figure of Il Duce (Benito Mussolini)



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