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Axis Powers

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Axis Powers

Axis Powers

 Swedish Nazi Stickpin (Item AXIS 2-5)

DESCRIPTION: This is for the Swedish National Socialist Bundists. It shows the Swedish version of the Irminsul or Life Tree from ancient Nordic legend. The German type is basically a tree form while the Swedish is formed with stands of wheat. The flowing arms are, however, similar. This was worn on civilian clothing to demonstrate solidarity with the NS ideals and agenda.

PRICE: $350.00


Axis Powers

 Unidentified Nazi Armband (Item AXIS 2-6)

DESCRIPTION: This is one armband I cannot identify. It is very obviously original. This much is definitely guarantied. However, this is the first we have ever seen in green instead of red and measures 8 X 4 ¾ inches with appliqué swastika and white field. This is definitely a quality piece.



Axis Powers

Axis Powers

Axis Powers

 Vichy Croix de Guerre (Item AXIS 2-12)

DESCRIPTION: This is the standard Croix de Guerre (War Cross), that was awarded to members of the armed services and belonging to men regardless of rank who were mentioned for outstanding bravery or ability in dispatches by a high-ranking officer. If he was mentioned more than once, he received a bronze palm leaf, which is worn on the ribbon. This particular medal is quite unusual in that the medal with palm is the normal issued type and it was originally awarded in WWII and has the 1939-1940, but at some point during the war this recipient decided to fight for Europe's battle against Bolshevism and he wore the ribbon as issued by the Vichy government to those who showed conspicuous bravery while fighting side by side with the German Wehrmacht. Members of the SS Charlemagne Division often qualified for this coveted award. This is extremely rare and was the predecessor to the rare Vichy Croix de Guerre that has the Germanic eagle as its centerpiece.

PRICE: $450.00


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