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The following are recruiting posters used to "pump up" a nationalistic fervor. Each one is offered at $30.00 plus $2.00 shipping and handling.


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Waffen SS Recruiting Poster.

"The Protector of Freedom." This was the most popular of the SS recruiting art and was drawn by Anton, the most famous of the SS artists.


Waffen SS Recruiting Poster



Waffen SS Recruiting Poster.

"You may volunteer at 17 years old." A very dramatic poster


Waffen SS Recruiting Poster



SA Struggle Poster.

"One Fight, One Victory." The SA Struggles on the home front, while the army fights on the battlefront.


SA Struggle Poster



German Air Force Recruiting Poster.

"Our Luftwaffe."


German Air Force Recruiting Poster



Waffen SS Hitler Jugend Recruiting Poster.

"Also You!"


Waffen SS Hitler Jugend Recruiting Poster



SS Hitler Jugend (Hitler Youth) Recruiting Poster.

Gerade Du !, "Even You!"


SS Hitler Jugend (Hitler Youth) Recruiting Poster



"Europe's Freedom.".

The German Wehrmacht strikes at the beast of Bolshevism with the blitz, lightning, of Wotan. The double blitzen represent "SS" in this monumental struggle.




Wordless Poster

This is a wordless recruiting poster of the German army. Very dramatic.


Wordless Recruiting Poster



Foreign Volunteer in the Waffen SS.

"A Common Front Against Bolshevism."


Foreign Volunteer in the Waffen SS


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