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The following are prints, not posters. They are wonderful renditions suitable for framing. Some are from original Third Reich sources while others are by modern combat artists who, through intensive historic research and artistic prowess, have been able to re-create the intensity of the greatest fratricidal war of all time. All are offered at $30.00 plus $2.00 shipping and handling.


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Waffen SS Snipers.

"The Protector of Freedom." This was the most popular of the SS recruiting art and was drawn by Anton, the most famous of the SS artists.

Waffen SS Snipers


German Paratroopers in Action.

This is a fine rendition of German paratroopers in action in Belgium.

German Paratroopers in Action


The following posters are by a modern combat artist extraordinaire and are some of the very best depictions of the war we have yet encountered. The size of these is 14 x 19 inches on slick, heavy paper stock. Guy Sayer is the artist and they were produced Luxembourg in 1990. Excellent!


German Army in Russia.

Advancing columns of the German Army in Russia.

German Army in Russia



The Road to Moscow.

Casualties along to road to Moscow. "The fallout of fratricidal war."

The Road to Moscow



"Victory Roll!".

Unser Luftwaffe, "Our Air Corps." Victorious German pilot receives the plaudits of grateful ground troops.

Victory Roll



Winter Storm in Russia.

The Stukas must fly!

Winter Storm in Russia



Der Angriff.

The Attack!

Der Angriff



North Sea

Raging winter at Sea!

North Sea



German Army in Russia.

"In Trepidation." Who lurks there?

German Army in Russia



Tanks and Infantry.

Tanks and infantry--combat on the Russian front.

Tanks and Infantry



Storm at Sea.

Again, the raging sea.

Storm at Sea



The U-boat War.

A treacherous time.

The U-boat War


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