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Adolf Hitler

The New Reich Chancellery (Reichskanzlei)
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Of all the Third Reich buildings, this was the most important and prestigious housing of the N.S. State. It was called the new Reichskanzlei because “Reichskanzler” was the traditional name of the Chancellor of Germany, who was at that time Adolf Hitler and in the old Kanzlei building. Chancellor Bismarck before Hitler was the most important occupant of the former governmental structure. This was the absolute center of power for Hitler and his German people and of course, all the famous state leaders such as Goebbels, Himmler, Göring, Ribbentrop, et al., converged often to meet with the Supreme Leader. The new chancellery was described by Hitler as his “Words of Stone!,” since it was he who designed it. The building was completed in 1939. The Führer was ably assisted in the design by Reich Architect Albert Speer. Some 4,000 workers toiled in shifts and it cost 90 million Reichsmarks (equivalent to $339 million today). All the paramount decisions dealing with the war effort were made here, the building that had to be one of the most important, but also the most beautifully designed buildings in world history.

In this author’s opinion, its final destruction was illustrative in the Decline of the West by Oswald Spengler. It is a testimony to the process of decivilization as experienced by the so-called victors over Germany. The decline of Britain into a third-rate dump and the complete mindless personnel of many of Americans as who thought they had fought the “good war” now will see the meaning of the “chickens coming home to roost.” The whole phenomenon can be summed up as decivilization since the abject failure of what used to be western values and today the west appears to accelerate its Spenglerian decline (Did I hear the word ‘zombies’?)

Reich Chancellery Relics We recently acquired a great collection of various tableware that was formerly in the Reichskanzlei. Russians took some of it in their wild looting sprees in 1945, after their horrible, murderous onslaught in Berlin in April of that year. After this, on about April 20, the Russians and the Americans met at the town of Torgau on the Elbe River. At that time, looted items from the Ruskies, such as daggers, swords, and such items as these Reich Chancellery pieces, were exchanged mostly for American cigarettes. Some of the dining items were in pristine condition having been taken only weeks before this. Some of it showed some scarring from the heat of battle. A man approached us who collected Hitler personal items beginning back in 1947 and now being of advanced age he recently decided to sell much of his collection and we were fortunate enough to hear of this and we bought all the R.K. relics he had. Now we can offer them to collectors. Remember, a “Kanzlei” piece is just as desirable as an “A.H.” item in kitchen and dining pieces and possibly even rarer since there are many times more Adolf Hitler dining pieces than his chancellery items and the likelihood of his personal use of the “RK” items is much more assumed and probably assured. Most of these items are singular (usually one only!) when they are sold. It can practically be assured that another chance to acquire one is practically impossible! So, with particular pleasure we offer these Reich Chancellery items.





Silver Setting

Silver Setting

Silver Setting

Silver Setting

Silver Setting

Silver Setting

Eintopfsonntag (Covered Dish) from the German N.S. Reichskanzlei in Berlin (Item CHANCE 2-1)

DESCRIPTION: From the time of the N.S. Machtergreifung in 1933(Victory!) there was a campaign to implement a (one-pot meal) throughout the Reich. This was an edict (mostly voluntary) to the ever-patriotic German-citizen family to make a midday, meatless Sunday in particular as part of the Winterhilfe (Winter Relief program.) The first Sunday of the month from October until March was declared Eintopfsonntag (one-pot Sunday). The Winterhelfe was one of the greatest social welfare programs ever devised to help the people of a nation to escape the ravages of near starvation caused by the depression and the lost war and the do-nothing Weimar Republic. The Eintopf meal was usually meatless. Through this program–the years through 1935/36–30 million marks were collected all over Germany. Typical one-pot meals were macaroni or soup, Irish stew, etc. As you can see in our photos, there was no exception to this for the nation’s leaders. See our image of Hitler, Goebbels, and other N.S. party leaders enjoying Sunday’s one-pot meal. There was no exception at the Reichs Chancellery and I’d have to say that this traditional meal would be especially observed since this was the house of the people! The Wellner firm made absolutely sure that serving containers were supplied for these highly important chambers and breakfast nooks and the edict was enforced even more strictly than in the homes of the Deutsche Volk. Amazingly, we are offering one of these actual pots from a collection of memorabilia connected to Adolf Hitler. This is a silver-plated covered dish and it has the official seal of the Reich Chancellery that can be clearly seen at its front side. On the bottom it’s marked “WELLNER 140 cl. 42.” It measures 9 inches in diameter by 4½ inches tall. The “RK” eagle is similar to the tableware of Adolf Hitler except his has “AH” on each side of the swastika and this one has “RK” (see images). This dish is in practically mint condition except for a bit of simple tarnish. Since 1945, it has been kept in an atmospheric vault, so the condition is extra fine. We do know that one of these Eintopf RK dishes showed up recently, but it was missing the cover. To find one intact is very rare indeed. This is the perfect serving dish for your Sunday dinner at your chancellery.

PRICE: $2,450.00; certainly a bargain

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